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Your beauty girls from agency. Beauty gorgeous ladyboys from ladyboys in london agency.

If you are looking for new customers or have old customers who are currently not buying, you should book the service of Uniwo-Sales. They also collect inquiries for your products by direct contact to the market and your potential customers.

Senior sales people win new customers for you, talk to your existing customers in their own language and help you to reactivate them. If you want to sell a particular product or product series, they contact the right customers and send you the inquiries.

There is an interesting option, where you can test their performance.

Their philosophy is different to the most sales professionals in the market and this might be the reason, why they are successful.

Check their website:

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Your beauty girls from agency. Beauty gorgeous ladyboys from ladyboys in london agency.

The Chinese main currency Yuan (or Renimbi) is going to be the lead currency world wide and replace the US Dollar. Tight regulations from Bejing government to protect the currency did block this efforts until now.

After a successful period of trade in Hong Kong, they will now start the next step, which will give Chinese companies the ability, to get Yuans from other countries. The first step will allow the fix amount of Renimbi, the second will be more liberal.




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Sounds a little bit to easy, but it works. If you issue a well written and structured press release and target the right media, make continued follow up calls, send samples or more information to the editors and target exactly your customer group, your sales will increase dramatically.


The main problems with press releases are:

– untarget

– uninteresting

– only once

– without a concept

– to self fixed and not written for editors and readers

– not periodically and planned, but by surprise

– not follow up calls and emails

– no thank you calls and emails after press reports about the news


If you avoid this problems, press releases could be a great sales tool. From 2000 to 2005 we nearly covered all major media with our gadgets and electronical products, just by following this simple rules. This covered all German speaking countries in Europe and a wide range from livestyle, TV and general news, to boulevard and strictly business publications.

If you want to know more, want to have us suppport you with your press release or launch a campaign, contact us.


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Russian grain prices are rising fast. The government is now interventing and starts to sell 2 MLN tons of grain of its own stock. This is nearly a third of the states whole stock and shows the importance of this step.

Prices went up for about 12% since beginning of this year and are causing higher consumer prieces for basic food in Russia. 2005, 2008 and 2009 harvests will be sold mainly into Caucasus region, reports RIAN.

About 148 companies will participate in monthly rounds of trade, starting by this Wednesday.



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Most companies in Europe and USA we know, tell the same problem: once you have found a good and reliable supplier in Asia, you get top prices and quality. The second shipment deepens the trust with low prices and a high service level. With the second inquiry and order you expand to trust the new company and this is in 90 of 100 cases the time, they raise the price and slow the speed.

Its a little hard to understand, why this is happening, but it is a rule since about 15 years, we are doing business with Asia know. The result is always the same: if you like the supplier or the selling person, you write them about it. The answer is also always the same: "you will receive best quality and prices and we are the lowest in the market. The other companies have less good products."

A simple inquiry check at Alibaba returns the same low prices as before and the same quality. Thats the time, when we change the supplier.

Until today, I can not understand, why suppliers work like this. In Europe, companies work with long term business and relationship. We learn from each other, trust each other and help each other, when there might be trouble with the order.

All Asian suppliers could have smoother and more profitable business with less time and money investment for new customers, if they follow this simple strategy.


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European banks seem to face  the same problematic as the Chinese: their semi monopoly for credits and loans is blocking investments and expansion in different markets . Blue Chips like ArcelorMittal, Luxottica and Scheffler seem to be fed up with this procedure and get the money directly from the markets. They issue bonds with a volume of at least +136 Billion Euro for refinance and as fresh capital, says WSJ Germany.

Usually, the minimum volume of such bonds is around 500 Mio. Euro, but it seems to be a question of time, until the European Central Bank or other institution will open their gates to flood smaller companies with hardley needed money, too.

Nice to know: nearly all bonds have been oversigned! That means money lenders are very interested in direct investments and this way to get their benefit.

This could also be a way for Chinese companies and organisations, who faced a shortage in fresh money, too.


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If you think how to expand your business, check the list of addresses in your email client, first.

There are people and companies, who already had a contact to you and are a possible source for new business and profits. Contacting them is easy.

Send them a short email with a two- or three line message and a link / picture with your latest product or best price offer. If only 2% of them answer, you might have a nice profit, without contacting brand new customers and convience them.

Do this once a month and be creative with message and headline. Inform and educate your customer, but never bore him. Again: don`t send smilies, "how are you and your family" and links to songs and puppy pictures.

Your customer is busy (hopefully) and has no time for private things. But he will appreciate, if you help him doing his job better or make more profit.


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According to Premier Wen Jiabaos words, he will break the monopoly of the four major Chinese banks. They are state owned and cover the biggest part of the credit market in Mainland China.

"To cautious with credits and blocking the business", is the credo of the message, he issued yesterday. The banks are to tighten and don`t feed the market enough with the heavily needed fresh money, he said. Especially the small and midsized companies need fresh money to finance their turnover and profits.

Wen will renew and break up the existing bank system and make it more liberal for the future expansion of the tiger state.

However, a great revolution will not be expected, but a moderate slide into the right direction. More details at WN.

The situation might be similar as in Germany and Europe, where at least since the 2009 crisis, small and mediums enterprises are demanding a better and faster credit support from the main banks. At least after the Basel outdits at the beginning of 2.000, this problem is existing and blocking great parts of this part of the markets.

All moves or "want to be moves" of the government did not change this.

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