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After nearly 20 years, we want to sell this B2B domain. Our business has changed, but with +5.000 visitors a month and +50.000 pageviews, it would be interesting for other business owners.

Please send us your bid either by contact form or directly to info [@]

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Use our platform, to increase your sales and expand your business!

You can place text advertisements, news, pictures, banners and popups.

Contact us for more details!

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If you are looking for new customers or have old customers who are currently not buying, you should book the service of Uniwo-Sales. They also collect inquiries for your products by direct contact to the market and your potential customers.

Senior sales people win new customers for you, talk to your existing customers in their own language and help you to reactivate them. If you want to sell a particular product or product series, they contact the right customers and send you the inquiries.

There is an interesting option, where you can test their performance.

Their philosophy is different to the most sales professionals in the market and this might be the reason, why they are successful.

Check their website:

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Here is another company you should never buy from. After they get the money, you will never hear from them. They are increasing prices while the products are "in production" and don`t answer your emails or pickup the phone after the got payed.

Alibaba has been informed.

Please circulate in your network.



 Emayse Technology (SHENZHEN) LIMITED

Contact: Betsy



Mobilephone :+86-15013765324




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Sounds like a big deal and it is. If your company is in financial, law, tax, customer or any other kind of  trouble, we help you to fix them. If we are successful, you pay us a fee. If not, you owe us nothing!

We have a new a proven system, which helps in a very uncommon way. Its highly efficient, could work extremely fast, does not mean any kind of credit or risk for you and is 100% discrete. It is unique, working and ready to help you out of trouble. No matter what company size, what business type, Startup or traditional enterprise.

Sometimes it works within hours and the companies get rid of problems they troubled them  for months or years.

Talk to us or send us an email. Anonymous requests are ok for first contact also. Your investment to find out more about this great chance, is the time you need to contact us.

Let us help you, to get your company back on track and start ending the business crisis now!

Our method works in every country of the world and with any kind of company.

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It is not easy to lead  a company to success and keep it there, this days. Most startups end their adventure after 3 to 5 years and even companys who are well known in the market since years, sometimes have trouble to surivice in changing markets.

As a big enterprise with thousands of employees, its easy to hire a fleet of consultants who tell you to cut costs, close departments and outsource them. As a  small and medium sized enterprise (SMB), it is not. The structures are more simple and the turnover is not interesting for external advisors. A lot of SMB have family ties and personal relations in their company, who disclose personal cuts.

We are specialised on SMB`s and their problems. We help them, to leave the crisis behind. No matter if it are financial, sales or competition problems, ask us what we think about it and for our ideas. First and second analyse plus  phone discussion are free. We show you that we speak your language, that we are fair and really want to help you find a way out of trouble.

Even if it is a little martial, we see ourself as mercenary soldiers who are working for our clients, following the Samurai codex. if you are not familiar with it, you find more details here. We work contract or project based for companies, who are in trouble, depressed, powerless, feeling a lack of motivation and are helpless against stronger competitors. Even if you are in heavy financial trouble or facing bancrupty, we here are ready to find a way for you out of trouble.

We have solutions to help your company and employees back to the right way. Standard business tools, motivation which really works, psychological help, coaching if needed and strengthen your confidence in yourself and your company. We will analyse your situation with you by phone, email, Skype or personal meeting and discuss what needs to be done to finish your sorrows.

Our prices are adjusted for small and medium companies and affordable.

If you are interested, send us an email or give us a call (+49-2741-9732300).

Remember, first contact talks and consultation is free!

Don`t wait for a better chance guide your company to better and successful times.

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This is one of the horrible acts of company steeling – by a government! Argentinas president Christina Kirchner, yesterday nationalized more than 50% of YPF, one the biggest oil and gas enterprises of the country. Because the oil industry is of "national interest" (in which country it is not?), she issued a law, which will get her all assets of the company. The ´Spanish owner will only hold about 5% after it.

Foreign company owners of many markets in Argentina who have assets in the country are now fearing about their investments.

Kichner says, YPF did not invest enough in the future and is responsible, that Argentina now must import oil and gas instead of exporting it.

Source: WSJ Germany

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The Chinese main currency Yuan (or Renimbi) is going to be the lead currency world wide and replace the US Dollar. Tight regulations from Bejing government to protect the currency did block this efforts until now.

After a successful period of trade in Hong Kong, they will now start the next step, which will give Chinese companies the ability, to get Yuans from other countries. The first step will allow the fix amount of Renimbi, the second will be more liberal.




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Sounds a little bit to easy, but it works. If you issue a well written and structured press release and target the right media, make continued follow up calls, send samples or more information to the editors and target exactly your customer group, your sales will increase dramatically.


The main problems with press releases are:

– untarget

– uninteresting

– only once

– without a concept

– to self fixed and not written for editors and readers

– not periodically and planned, but by surprise

– not follow up calls and emails

– no thank you calls and emails after press reports about the news


If you avoid this problems, press releases could be a great sales tool. From 2000 to 2005 we nearly covered all major media with our gadgets and electronical products, just by following this simple rules. This covered all German speaking countries in Europe and a wide range from livestyle, TV and general news, to boulevard and strictly business publications.

If you want to know more, want to have us suppport you with your press release or launch a campaign, contact us.


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